Mitsubishi Electric Automotive India (MEAI), joined hands with Smile Foundation in India to support education of underprivileged children for a period of one year from 1st January 2015. The purpose of the partnership was to support education of underprivileged children from marginalized communities in the needy localities of Gurgaon, Haryana. After the successful completion of the last year of partnership with Smile Foundation, the project was renewed and extended for another year from April 2018-March 2019, to provide continuous support to the children who were benefitting under the project.

Under the partnership, MEAI has supported the education of 1600 underprivileged children in the age group of 3-18 years so far.

In both of the project locations, the Mission Education Programme is implemented keeping in cognizance the academic, social and physical needs of the children. This all-round development approach is achieved through the diversified activities that include activity oriented and child centric classroom transaction, which caters to the academic needs of the children.


Sandhya belongs to a poor family. Even though her parents had big dreams for her they couldn’t send her to a proper school due to lack of funds. Her mother and father work as daily wage earners, picking rags. Sandhya also used to spend the whole day with her parents collecting wastes from houses. A garbage cleaner's daughter, she thought she could never have dreams until she was identified and brought to school at Smile Foundation's Mission Education centre - Nipun in Gurugram supported by Mitsubishi. Her parents were overjoyed to see their little daughter get an education despite their conditions.
Today she has just learnt to hold her pencil. She knows the alphabets by heart and is eager to learn more every day. Sandhya has a bright future ahead of her and she is working hard to achieve it.


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