SIFFCY turns into a traveling festival to promote good cinema and spread the message of love

In an effort to reach every child with meaningful cinema, SIFFCY has also turned into a travelling festival, with Gwalior as its very first destination. Films with messages were shown to children and the children learnt a lot from the same.

SIFFCY@Schools is a part of Smile International Film Festival or Children and Youth’s bigger initiative is to sensitize children and youth through hand-picked quality films, with assortment of various topics starting from gender equality to environment, family values, friendship, aspirations, dream, self-confidence and importance of education from across the globe.

SIFFCY (Smile International Film Festival for Children & Youth) is a special film platform devoted to a greater appreciation of meaningful cinemas made for children and youth which can bring change in the society by showcasing those films, supporting emerging filmmakers, recognizing the pioneers and leaders of the similar industry and by promoting the diverse perspectives of Good World Cinema. It caters to young people (aged 6 to 25) with just about every level of interest in film, whether to watch and enjoy, create their own work or take things a stage further and find out more about a career in the film or television industry.

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