Local Fundraising workshop conducted in Chennai

Change the Game e-learning on Local Fundraising in partnership with Wilde Ganzen supports Local Civil Society organizations to acquire the basic knowledge and skills to raise funds locally.

With international funding slowing and domestic fundraising taking off strongly, local NGOs have to up their game to win hearts, minds, and donations from local companies. A 5-day workshop from 26th-30th November by Smile Foundation and Wilde Ganzen’s Change the Game Academy was held in Chennai, the workshop sought to help organizations crack local fundraising. About 13 NGOs from different domains like Education, Healthcare, Community Development, Women Empowerment and also Environment, belonging to Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Chandigarh took part in the workshop. The major learning for the participants was reducing dependency on global sources by focusing on local sources, leading to self-sustainability.

"These workshops help civil society to rethink their business models, think strategically about financial models and adopt innovative approaches that will help the sector maintain its #independence and still be sustainable. The idea exchanges that happen through the workshops empower smaller units with fundraising goals,” said Ms. Gargi (In-charge CtGA) India.

This session was part of Change the Game Academy, an international e-learning platform for CBOs and grassroots NGOs created by the Dutch development Agency Wilde Ganzen, which is being implemented by Smile Foundation in India.

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