Local Fundraising workshop held in Bangkok, Thailand

A Local Fundraising workshop was held in Bangkok, Thailand. GNDR was the organizer of this training which was conducted on 20th August 2019. 33 participants from 15 countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, UK and Vietnam) attended the one-day training.

The first session of the LFR program had a focus on the introduction to the CTG Program and its purpose. It moved on to fundraising definition, what is local fund raising, levels of income, mapping and matching donors and active listening. The session emphasized on the definition of Fundraising and its characteristics. The audience were introduced to the concept of fundraising through the online video on CTG Website. The methodologies used were snowballing, brainstorming and mind-mapping.

The second session was on the concept of active listening , identification of sources of income, types of donors like individuals, corporate, government, other sources. All the types of donors were identified at national and domestic level. This also lead to the discussion on the donor profiling. The audience were able to identify the donors along with their profiling at local level as per their social structure the domination and availability of various types of donor in their region.

The third session started with the activity of communication game. The purpose was to make them practice the skill of communication for local fundraising and the final session was about LFR Event. The participants were divided into two groups. Each group was asked to brainstorm about an event to raise unrestricted funds.

The key learning from the session was the understanding of the importance of raising funds locally and reducing the dependency on foreign funds. This is the first step towards a long road to strengthen the existing network of organizations that are doing a tremendous job in their respective communities.

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