"Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extra-ordinary."

Everyday we come across people who despite difficult circumstances serve others. These are the ordinary who have the responsibilities of the extraordinary. And even through these uncertain times, these women and men tirelessly and silently have taken up the mantle to once again serve and protect us by ensuring that food reaches our tables, our internet connections run uninterrupted, our deliveries reach on time; that we receive care and joy in all forms, everyday.



Today, let us ensure that all those who do their heartwork stay safe during this time of crisis.

Contribute to the Lay's and Smile Foundation's Heartwork campaign. Every contribution will provide Hygiene Kits consisting of masks and sanitizers for those who are out working in the field and for their families.




Smile Foundation is registered as Charitable Trust under Section 60 of Registration Act 1908 having registration number 6382.
All donations are tax exempted under Section 80G

"Funds under this activity are being collected directly by Smile Foundation, and will be utilised only for the purpose of procuring and providing hygiene kits (face mask and hand sanitizer) to a target group selected by Smile Foundation. The people who contribute under this activity shall approach Smile Foundation for issuance of a 80 G certificate as per the requirements of Income Tax Act, 1961. Contributions under this activity are being collected and managed directly by Smile Foundation. PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd. or Lay's are not responsible or liable for any act or omission of Smile Foundation in any manner."