Relief Support for 50,000 families

  • 350+ lives lost
  • 3,50,000+ people displaced
  • Countless homes, families and livelihoods destroyed

The whole country came together to pray for the people of Kerala as “the worst disaster in 100 years” hit the state. More than 350 people lost their lives, while thousands lost their families, homes, livelihood, livestock and much more. Survival has become a struggle for the victims, as the city became waterlogged and homes flooded.

Responding to the urgent needs of the flood affected families in Kerala, Smile Foundation’s Disaster Response Team has been on the ground – providing immediate relief in the form of food and necessary supplies kits. Local volunteers have joined in the efforts and are working alongside our team round the clock to extend help those who need it the most. Children, women and the elderly are being given priority. In the first phase of our relief operations, we plan to reach out to more than 50,000 affected families in two of the worst affected districts – Wayanad and Kozhikode.

After food, healthcare is the second most critical need in a flood disaster as there is a fear of an epidemic breakout. In the next phase of our relief and rehabilitation operations, we will focus on providing immediate and long-term healthcare services to the flood affected families. Along with this, provision of clean drinking water, cleaning houses and wells, rebuilding school infrastructure for children and providing them with study material are some of the other areas on which we will be working.

While the water has started receding, the damaged roads, broken communication channels and relentless rains pose a continuous challenge to the rescue and relief workers. As the people of Kerala pick up the broken pieces of their lives and begin a new journey, their path is strewn with challenges big and small. It is now that they need our support more than ever.

Let us keep standing strong with the people of Kerala!

Give them what they need

Our Relief Package include some or all of the following urgent supplies as per the need in a particular location:

  • Food Items: Packaged food, bottled drinking water, dry ration, milk powder, fruits, dry fruits
  • Non-food Items: Bed sheets, mosquito nets, towels, utensils, torch, matchsticks, mats, blankets
  • Hygiene Kit: Bucket, soaps, hand wash, sanitary napkins, toothpaste, tooth brush, mug, mosquito repellent

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