Generating livelihood opportunities for the impoverished youth in Lucknow

Indira Nagar in Lucknow is the largest colony in Asia. The locality is dotted with a number of small and medium sized slum pockets that house thousands of families living below the poverty line. Owing to low income in the families, majority of the youngsters lack formal education. Hence, the number of unemployed youth in the areas is high, and many of them are involved in low-income service occupations.

With special focus on women, this project serves as means for the enhancement of livelihood of these underprivileged youth. Through a Smile Twin e-Learning Programme centre on site, this project imparts job-oriented training to the students, who are identified from within the communities through surveys and community mobilisation drives.

During the six-month course, the the students are trained on reading, speaking and writing English. In addition, Basic Computer Training is provided to them along with programmes dealing in Personality Development, Soft Skills and Management. Also, the students are taken for exposure visits and industry training. Career counselling and placement support are also part of the training.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Jupiter Academy for implementation of this STeP project.

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