Employability training for the underprivileged youth in Dharavi

The main focus of this project is to provide employability training to the educationally disadvantaged youth in Dharavi, including neo-literates, SCs and STs, migrants, the oppressed, slum/pavement dwellers and working children, to generate employment and improve their quality of life. Men, women and youth from these socio-economically backward families are mainly engaged in unskilled labor work, due to lack of proper education and skills required to work in a particular field.

This project targets such prospective candidates in the area and aims to prepare them for formal employment through a six-month employability training course. This course provides learning in different areas including English proficiency, soft skills, basic management, computer education, sales and personality development.

For a better understanding of the industry, students are taken for exposure visits to various professional sectors and given a chance to interact with field experts. Career counseling sessions and placement assistance are also offered under this project to help the youth rise from menial jobs and earn for a dignified living.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS) to implement the STeP project.

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