Smile Foundation associates with IIT Roorkee for its Annual Fest 2011

Smile Foundation associated with IIT Roorkee for the institute’s esteemed and popular annual fest Tarang. This association was mainly done to conduct a sensitization programme on Girl Child.

The sensitization was done through an interesting puppet show in the college auditorium. There were around 300 students to watch the puppet show and each and every one of them appreciated the show for its content & presentation.

Smile’s merchandize products ‘Chanze’ were also exhibited during the fest. The slogan T-shirts became the most popular among all the products. All the students seemed to have understood that the merchandize was meant for the underprivileged children and hence were more than willing to buy and individually promote the merchandize and in turn Smile Foundation’s cause.

This association is certainly a special one and Smile Foundation looks forward to a long relationship with the esteemed institute.

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