Health cannot wait for the poor


The queues in front of the hospitals are ceasing to reduce, so are the agonies of the people .The sudden change in the economic scenario has brought many changes in the country, wreaking overnight havoc in the lives of the average people. The most affected are the rural and urban poor, for whom every day survival has become a big question. For the poor and the sick, the situation is even more critical as they are unable to afford whatever little healthcare services they had previously been able to access. A gap has been created between service providers and the needy, healthcare being one of the most affected areas of the lot.

Smile on Wheels mobile hospitals in this scenario have become the vehicles of hope for many in India today � the doctors and the nurses being the Messiahs. Quick, effective and free of cost, the mobile hospital programme of Smile Foundation is currently operational in 19 states of India. With 30 mobile hospital projects in operation, it is providing what people in the remotest corners of the country in these times of cash crunch are most in need of: Timely Healthcare.

Responding to the call of the people, Smile on Wheels like always has reached to the people of the country, providing healthcare facilities at their doorsteps. At a time when big hospitals and other Public Health facilities are failing to attend to the people due to non- acceptance of old currencies, these mobile hospitals are conducting OPDs, routine blood checkups and free medicines are being provided to the poorest of the poor. The team of the Smile on Wheels complemented by specialists including paediatricians, gynaecologists, dental surgeons, orthopaedics and ophthalmologists are sitting for hours at a stretch catering to the dire needs of the people. Expecting mothers, new born babies and their mothers are being provided utmost care.

The teams of Smile on Wheels were equally distressed by the cash crunch but the sheer determination to reach to the needy people made all the health camps possible. Braving the long queues in the banks, the team managed to conduct health camps at various remote villages of India in states such as Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra etc; addressing the health care needs of thousands of people. At a time when people are raising questions, Smile on Wheels is providing them the answers on the health front.

�We devoted all our energies from the past few days to make the health camps possible. Money kept on becoming a major concern but the determination of the people did not let us stop. It was the participation of the doctors, nurses, volunteers and the locals who made the health camps possible�, says Uttam, a team member of Smile on Wheels, Smile Foundation.

Many are taking a breath of relief as they see the yellow and green painted mobile hospitals whooshing through the villages, spreading smiles along the way and providing all necessary healthcare services free of cost. And these smiles motivate us to work harder and better every day.

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