Local Fundraising Workshop conducted for grassroots NGOs in Hyderabad

Of over the estimated 3 million NGOs currently operating in India, several community based organizations often find multiple roadblocks in terms of resources, community support and asset management leaving only 2% of the same sustainable in the long run.

In an effort to change this situation and help these CBOs become self sufficient, Smile Foundation ideated 'Empowering Grassroots'. This is the first step towards a long road to strengthen the existing network of organizations that are doing a tremendous job in their respective communities.

Under this programme, a 5-day Local Fundraising workshop was organized wherein 23 participants from 5 states participated to add to their knowledge base. Leaders from these organizations discussed their challenges in raising support in communities where they work & best ways to tackle these challenges. The special features of this workshop were- Special Input Session on CSR understanding Overview of CtGA and Smile’s Experience on Local Action, Active listening and Elevator Pitch under communication, one on one coaching on various fundraising topics etc. Making it an activity based workshop various activities like Role Play and Group Discussions were also conducted.

This session was part of Change the Game Academy, an international e-learning platform for CBOs and grassroots NGOs created by the Dutch development Agency Wilde Ganzen, which is being implemented by Smile Foundation in India.

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