Jobs for Neelasandra youth struggling with poverty and unemployment

Neelasandra is a residential area in Bangalore inhabited by migrants from various parts of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and North India. Surrounded by shopping malls, offices, hospitals and four huge slums, this area has a population of 1,50,000 of which 59,100 constitute unskilled youth. Belonging to the lowest of the lower economic classes, most of these youth did not have access to education while the few who went to school had to drop-out due to financial problems.

Due to limited skill set and exposure, the youth of Neelasandra work as rickshaw pullers, auto drivers, hawkers, vendors, and construction and daily laborers. This project aims to empower these people, involved in unskilled labor and petty jobs, through skill-based training course. The course module covers all areas requisite for a white-collar job, including spoken English, computer training, sales & retail management, office assistant skills, soft skills and personality development.

During this skill-based training, the students are taken for exposure visits as well to help them gain an insight into the corporate world. Furthermore, the employer engagement programmes and mock interviews are conducted to prepare them for getting good jobs in retail, hospitality and BPO sectors during the placements.

Smile Foundation is working in partnership with Goodwill International Association to implement the STeP project.

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