DREAMZ: Home for Homeless Children

Social Development Centre and Smile Foundation have collaborated on a project titled ‘Dreamz’ which aims to mainstream street children of Mumbai into civil society. Dreamz is a brainchild of Social Development Centre, Malad East, Mumbai.

About the project

Main objective behind the project is to provide destitute children a decent and healthy life, simultaneously making them as responsible members of the society. In other words, they are nurtured for living lives as other normal children do. The “DREAMZ” Home was started with the alternative aim to prove as a temporary accommodation to exploited, run-away and destitute children who land up in Mumbai city in search of their daily bread.


The “DREAMZ” Home has 22 street children as inmates who had been into begging or rag picking. Around 200 street children are also children in contact with the centre getting various beneficiaries. Various child welfare activities include Non-Formal Education (NFE) school, Balwadi (pre-primary), Daily Nutrition, Play and Recreational classes.

Mr. Vijay Karande, Founder Secertary, Social Development Centre, Mumbai says, “Dreamz began with the objective of providing a safe living place to helpless and homeless street children so as to mainstream them into the civil society.”

Children under the project not only enjoy the comfort of a secure home but they are also taught essential values necessary for getting accepted in the society like reading, writing and speaking skills. Free nutritious meals are provided to all children. Healthcare needs of the children are met through regular health check-ups. The children are groomed to get mainstreamed into formal system of education through an environment which is conducive and supportive to their growth.

Children are also exposed to recreational activities like music, dance, excursions and picnics on a regular basis to ensure their holistic development. Once exploited and deprived, the children are provided with a platform to lead a secure and normal life through ‘Dreamz’.

About the partner

Social Development Centre is a registered non-profit organisation working for the betterment of homeless and street children. Launched in 1996, ‘DREAMZ’ Home a very rare and unique initiative. The street children of Mumbai need more such efforts from all of us!

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