Skill training for the unemployed youth of Hutchins Road

Hutchins Road is a residential and commercial area of East Bangalore, surrounded by shopping malls, offices and seven slum dwellings with a population of 1.5 lakh residents from various districts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Of the total population, 40% constitute unskilled youth working as rickshaw pullers, auto drivers, hawkers, construction workers, daily laborers and domestic help due to limited skill set and job opportunities available in the community.

This project envisages imparting job-oriented training to the unemployed youth of Hutchins Road with the aim to enhance their future prospects in retail, hospitality and BPO sectors. The targeted people under this project are provided training in computer education and spoken English. Apart from this, personality development and soft skills form an important part of this job-oriented training programme.

For a better understanding of the existing job scenario in various trades, students are engaged in activities like job fairs and exposure visits during the training. The outreach programmes ensure that potential employers from different sectors are matched with skilled youth, thus ensuring good jobs and fair pay.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Concerns Universe Foundation to implement the STeP project.

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