When India celebrated its Independence Day this year, some 12 Million children would still be languishing in the clutches of poverty and suffering, slipping into a darker future.

There is always a hope. Education holds the promise of ensuring a bright future for the children.

Smile Foundation, supported by NDTV, initiated Choone Do Aasman (CDA) in 2009. Since then, the initiative has been able to send thousands of children to school every year.

Thank you for your support. This year, 'Choone Do Aasman' has so far ensured that 4537 more children took a leap into a promising future. They are in school.

There are thousands of children waiting for a chance to change their future.
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Children going to School

Delhi = 565 Children
RAJASTHAN = 93 Children
UP= 575 Children
PUNJAB = 75 Children
HARYANA = 85 Children
J&K = 82 Children

MAHARASHTRA = 874 Children
GUJARAT = 223 Children
GOA = 102 Children

ORISSA = 451 Children
WEST BENGAL = 432 Children
CHATTISGARH = 350 Children
TRIPURA = 100 Children

ANDHRA PRADESH = 150 Children
KARNATKA = 335 Children
TAMIL NADU = 70 Children

For more details call on - +91 8130614646

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