Creating job opportunities for the urban poor of East Tambaram

The city of Chennai has a slum population of 16.41 lakh spread over 1279 slums that forms nearly 40% of the total population. These slums are a result of a large migrant population, which comes to the capital primarily from other parts of Tamil Nadu and some from rest of India. One such locality in the city is East Tambaram, a suburb enclosing 10 huge slum pockets with a population of 1,30,000 migrants from Tamil Nadu. Approximately 60,000 of its residents constitute the youth, who remain unskilled due to lack of learning opportunities in the community and thus, work as rag pickers, manual labors, construction workers and helpers to survive.

This project is developed on the premise to help these youth, who belong to lower income group and work in unorganized sectors, earn a dignified living. In order to achieve this goal, the beneficiaries are provided a skill training course designed in accordance with the current market requirements. Personality Development, Soft Skills, Spoken English and Computer Literacy are the essentials of this training.

During the course, the students are taken for exposure visits to help them gain a better knowledge of the corporate world. Placements are conducted at the end of the course to give all students a fair chance at respectable jobs and decent pay.

Smile Foundation is working in partnership with Centre for Rural Action (CERA) to implement the STeP project.

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