Four Year old Manav sees a new ray of hope

Smile Foundation appreciates the exemplary philanthropy displayed by the well-wishers for Manav. We are thankful for the trust on us as none of them has met Manav in person; still they have extended their support.

When we informed Manav's father that the minimum required amount had been collected and he can now admit the kid in the hospital, he was weeping inconsolably like a kid giving thanks to all supporters in particular and to the human camaraderie in general.

Manav needs a critical heart surgery after doctors at G. B. Pant Hospital in New Delhi examined him. Manav has been admitted in the hospital several times for the ailment, which he has been fighting almost since birth.

Below is the list of persons, excluding Smile Foundation employees who have contributed for Manav's life saving treatment-

Smile Foundation under its Individual Support Programme (ISP) aims to help deserving and needy children in difficult circumstances. Under this, Smile Foundation extended financial support to Rajesh to meet the cost of surgery.

The contribution is sufficient for Manav. His surgery has been prescribed by surgeons. However, Manav needs to be on continuous medication.

Rajashree Maranchery, Dubai, UAE
Sashidhar Hegde, Bangalore, India
Vijay H. Kuppuswamy, Bangalore, India
Maheedhar Maddi, Hyderabad, India

Manav is like any four year old neighbourhood kid just beginning to dream. But, oblivious in his child play, Manav probably doesn’t know what a heart disease is; and that he is suffering from the same. Manav’s innocence also hides this stark reality that his rare heart disorder is growing taller as a wall between him and his dreams!

Manav, this four year old boy, is a resident of Mohan Garden in Delhi. His not so well-off parents are hapless with his illness as they don’t have the means for his treatment. His parents wish if they could arrange the emergency operation cost, approximately Rupees 1, 30,000, their son might get a new lease of life; a rebirth to be sure.

Manav’s father Sunil Prasad is jobless and there is no other earning member in the family. Besides this he is unable to collect such a huge amount for his son’s life saving treatment.

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