Kaima Khatun - A Girl with A Difference

It does not matter how differently one is born. But it does matter how differently one takes the same life!

One such individual, who is first among the equals, is a girl named ‘Kaima’, daughter of a poor parent in remote desert hinterland of Phalodi (Jodhpur district in Rajasthan state). The harsh Thar Desert coupled with limited resources in the area has kept the area underdeveloped. It makes otherwise mundane life look a never ending battle.

Kaima is the second youngest among six brothers and sisters. The illiteracy coupled with scarce resources forced her parents to marry her and other siblings off in early age. While normal people in the area resort to taking everything as fate, Kaima is all but differently made. She, on the other hand, likes to take all odds of life, showing immense courage right from her childhood.

Her silent grit and righteousness was first seen when she was barely entering into her teens. At a nearby small township of Phalodi, she voiced her opinion against inadequacies in water distribution system.

Kaima’s determination and courage exemplified in her life against all odds was identified by Smile Foundation. The Foundation has therefore taken responsibility of nurturing and supporting Kaima to help shape her future.

Smile Foundation has decided to support Kaima’s education. It is a small yet significant step indeed.

Smile foundation aims to provide wings to Kaima’s dream of becoming a fighter pilot one day.

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