Helping Hand to the Brave Heart Child to be a Role Model Case Study

Smile Foundation appreciates true bravery as the courageous deed performed by individuals and utilizing those deeds as means of catalyzing a change in the society! And when children perform those exemplary deeds with conviction and audacity, we cannot wait but salute them.

Smile Foundation recognizes such children under its Role Models category of Individual Support Programme [ISP]. For, supporting such brave children, especially if they come from deprived backgrounds, is what the society owes to do. It is also to ensure that the brave heart young citizens do not end up struggling their lifetime to achieve their ambitions and to encourage them be for being role models for fellow young citizens in the society. As children are the future of our nation.

Rituparna Boro of Kamrup district in Assam is one such child. On that trying day when militants killed his teacher and fled from the scene, Rituparna could not take his innocent and adored teacher being killed and chased the perpetrators till one of them was apprehended.

In appreciation to his deed, Rituparna was duly honoured by the prestigious National Bravery Awards in 2005.

This brave heart teenager, who could not take injustice and dared his life to seek justice to set an example, is incidentally born to an underprivileged family. Appreciating his genuine truthfulness and feel for the society, Smile has come forward to sponsor him under Individual Support Programme, covering educational and health care assistance.

Speaking on his ambition, Rituparna says – “I will join the Army as an officer.”

We wish Smile’s helping hand will help him realize his dreams and to set example in the society!

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