A Helping Hand and A Flash of Smile for A Impoverished Kid’s Blossoming Future Case Study

Every child has a delusion to go school, to study and become great in life. But there are many people who cannot attain the opportunity to accomplish their dreams.‘ The decisive explanation behind it is financial limitation.

Vaibhav, a four-year kid is one such example whose family dreams of him as a successful person in life. But his father Jagdish who is a meager wage earner is as dreamy as practical that he knows the dream is not to be fulfilled in lifetime; the dream of a whole generation.

Vaibhav comes form a very impoverished background. His father is a rickshaw puller living near Rajmata Nagar, Achole Road, Dhawal Giri; Nallasopara (E) in Mumbai. Despite surrendering before the daily struggle to make both ends meet, Jagdish nurtures loads of dreams in the innocent gullible eyes of his son, Vaibhav. He wants to make his son literate, if not educated. On a more dreamy time in his hut, Jagdish wishes his son to attend a school that would one day take Vaibhav to a life no where near pulling rickshaw.

Although Jagdish illiterate, giving ride to his ‘literate’ customers has made him realize that if his son does not get education in early years all the dreams will only pass on to another generation. And Vaibhav would again resume the dreams for his own son, calling it off from a hard day of pulling rickshaw! Jagdish gets restive, for his naïve son.

Then, bringing a new lease of life to Jagdish’s impossible-looking dreams and to Vaibhav’s future path, Smile Foundation extended its helping hands. Vaibhav selected for sponsorship under education excellence programme.

To everybody’s surprise, and to Jagdish’s joy of lifetime, Vaibhav is performing well in his study. He has just moved a step forward to fulfill his and his family’s desire.

Smile wishes him for a bright future ahead.

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