Smile at last for this native girl of Mumbai Case Study

There are people who get a double whammy of penury and serious illness. Among such people is a 22 year old girl Bhoolaxmi, residing at Asatvmayak Chowel, Santa Cruz (E), Mumbai. This shy, little girl was suffering from Gr III Avascular Necrosis of Bilateral Hip and needed to undergo an uncemented bilateral total hip replacement surgery.

Bhoolaxmi lives along with her mother, a single parent, as her father doesn’t live with them. Her mother works as a maid servant and at times it become difficult for them to earn their daily bread. Her financial condition is very pitiable and therefore, affording any sort of medical cost was beyond imagination for this deprived family.

Bhoolaxmi’s mother approached Smile Foundation for medical help for her daughter’s life-saving surgery. Considering all the parameters and taking exceptionality of the case, Smile Foundation decided to grant medical assistance to her under Individual Support Programme [ISP] so that she gets well soon and reach her own little sky. Smile bestows their best wishes.

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