Individual Support Programme Case Study

Smile for this Young Man amidst Rare Illness and Acute Poverty

Parmanand Saw is a 26 years old youth of Burdwan District, West Bengal with a handful of dreams to accomplish and want to support his family members. While his eternal toil to come term with his acute poverty continues, destiny has decided something else for him.

Parmanand is suffering from Testicular Tumor, a type of cancer and he can not afford the cost for surgery required, as his economic condition is very pitiable. But he has not lost hope and possesses strong optimism.

His father works in as a labour hand and earns a meager amount. There are also eight mouths to be fed back home. When arranging bread and butter is a daily struggle, thinking of medical treatment is a far off notion. With the disease making Paramanand unable to earn for livelihood his life seems to come to a halt!

After knowing Parmanand’s family condition and his grave illness Smile Foundation came forward and took up the initiative to provide him medical aid under Individual Support Programme [ISP] so that this young man can stand on his feet. Rather, through this, a whole of deprived family is saved.

Now Parmanand is keeping good health, and is living a normal and healthy life. Moreover now he is man with a renewed passion towards life and wants repay it by doing some good for the society.

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