Individual Support Programme Case Study

Pushpa – A Success Story from the unsung hutment of Lucknow

Pushpa Kashyap, all of 17 from Indra Nagar in Lucknow , is an example of sheer will power and optimism. She is like any other girl who has dreams to achieve. But her economic condition, and disability, raises a question mark whenever she makes the first stride in life.

Pushpa has dreams like any other girls. But she is not like a normal person that obstacles would make her accept the way life is. She has never learned to surrender in life. This shy yet confident girl aspires to be a teacher and wants to serve the underprivileged children. That is her way of paying the gratitude to support she has just started receiving through Smile Foundation. Quite early!

Pushpa's father is a rickshaw puller and her mother a house maid. She has two younger brothers, one working in a shop and other working in a coaching centre as a peon. Her only younger sister works as a maid servant. This helps make out her financial picture. But the dreams and the determination to overcome mundane challenges of life always remain hidden behind the shy but dignified face.

Pushpa loves moving ahead in life, in small steps, to fulfill those twinkling dreams. She wants to study and become a successful person, and to ensure her family leaves the struggle to make both ends meet.

Pushpa has completed her middle level education and is now preparing for her high school exams. This computer savvy girl loves listening music and watching movies. She loves to speak English and is now learning typing in Hindi. Pushpa has been taking remedial classes at one of the education centres run by Smile Foundation through its Lucknow partner Jupiter Academy . The interest in learning made Pushpa get enrolled in the free Computer Education Centre under the project too. Pushpa has now joined the free vocational training classes conducted at the same project.

Pushpa's optimism and pristine ambition has now made her a role model in her locality in Lucknow .

Smile Foundation compliments such individual grit amidst difficult milieu and gives such children a chance to fulfill their dreams by lending a helping hand under its Individual Support Programme [ISP]. Smile's support and their genuine determination make children like Pushpa get the opportunity to set an example for the rest of us.

Pushpa is a winner. Smile wishes her best of success!

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