Staff Nurse

Position          : Staff Nurse
Department    : Swabhiman(Telemedicine)
Location         : Leharwadi, Nuh (Haryana)

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Job Description:

The Grade II Nurse plays a very critical role in providing quality patient care at the HWC through tele medicine services. The Grade II Nurse will be responsible for maintaining, managing and ensuring safety of the telemedicine centre, equipment & belongings; connecting the patient to the respective doctors; facilitating the quality care services at the telemedicine centres and effectively documenting reports and maintain OPD registers, NCD screening registers and medicine records.

He / She will be responsible to take consent and maintain confidentiality of the patients. He/She will assist the doctors in required procedures and will provide complete and correct information during the tele consultations; It is the personal responsibility of the Grade II Nurse to learn the purpose, policies and standards of tele medicine and nursing services.

He/She shall be willing to travel as and when required by the organization for work related aspects.


  •  Maintain OPD registers with correct and complete information and responsible for accounting the OPD registration.
  • Grade II Nurse will maintain the facility assets, all the equipment in the facility will be recorded with their functional status on monthly basis. The Grade II nurse will undertake equipment status, in case of non-functional equipment he / she will report to the project supervisor and ensure that these are repaired or replaced.
  • Grade II Nurse will coordinate with the functioning of the various departments of HWC, He/ She will coordinate with the CHO to ensure the medicine and consumables are available as per the requirement of the centres, timely indented and received from the CHC/PHC, in case there is a situation of shortage the same should be reported to the Project Supervisor.
  • Grade II Nurse will ensure the cleanliness of facility, sanitization of equipment before starting the services.
  • Grade II nurse will be responsible to display information at notice board out side in case he / She is out for any official work or on leave.
  • Grade II Nurse will ensure to maintain proper attendance and leave records.


  •  The Grade II Nurses will be responsible for performing 8 hours duty to run OPD and providing pre and post assistance to the patient receiving tele consultation services.
  • The Grade II Nurse will capture all the vitals through POCDs provided with Cliny Smart and ensure proper entry of the same.
  • The Grade II Nurse will provide counseling for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • He / She shall communicate with patients’ relatives and visitors and shall explain the nursing care needs of the patients. She shall impart Health Education to the patient and his / her family
  • He / She shall assist the MO in performing consultations.
  • He / She shall console for appropriate diets to patients.
  • He / She shall guide patients in case of referrals and required lab test.
  • She will supervise and maintain environmental hygiene and safety of equipment.
  • The consultation numbers per month shall be in accordance to the target shared by the project supervisor/ project lead.


  • He/ She shall reach out to community people, frontline workers, panchayat members to disseminate information about telemedicine centres.
  • He/ She shall organize community meetings and awareness sessions promoting HWC functioning, services and organize/participate in observational days as per the govt.


  • He / She shall maintain accurate and complete records of OPD and drug dispending
  • He / She shall keep record of each medication administered to patients and report the same in case required.
  • He / She shall give and receive inter departmental reports
  • He / She will have to share the OPD and NCD report with CHO to be get compiled in monthly HIMS report of HWC (SC).
  • Month wise documentation of case studies shall be recorded.


  • He/ She will participate in staff education programs, staff meetings and other professional activities
  • He/ She shall participate in research studies for improvement of nursing care within her assigned unit
  • She shall participate in monthly staff meeting and sector meeting called by the CHO / MOIC / LHV
  • He / She will maintain contact details of the local resources, FLWs, Panchayat members and supporters with respect to their clinics and community.

This Job Description does not enumerate all of the responsibilities and is merely illustrative and is subject to change. The Grade II Nurse shall perform any other duties as may be directed by his / her reporting authorities or organization.

OPD Hours- 9 am to 5 PM, 6 days a week

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