Women on Wings

India has recently recorded the maximum number of women pilots in the world, Indian women are reaching new heights and conquering new lands with their skills and competence. India has been pushing hard for women empowerment via various schemes like  Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme, One Stop Centre Scheme, Women Helpline Scheme etc. and the government is leaving no stone unturned to make women self-reliant.

India is a country with maximum number of women pilots in the world whether it’s Air India or Indian Air Force. The women in India have created a great impact in the aviation society. While the aviation industry is flourishing in India there are areas where we need to still focus for the welfare of the female community.

Believing in the fact that dreams come true we recognize Anny Divya, the world’s youngest woman to command a Boeing 777. She was fascinated to touch the skies from her childhood days. Divya was greatly motivated by her mother to be a pilot when her mother noticed that Divya was quite fascinated of flying. Anny Divya started working hard on her dreams to turn it into a reality. Today, Divya at the age of 30 years holds the title for being the youngest woman to command a Boeing 777, the world’s largest twin engine jet.

Divya joined the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy, a government run pilot training institute in Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh right after her schooling. During her two year course her parents had to take a loan of Rs. 15 lakhs to pay her tuition fees. Since she belonged to South India, Divya had to face cultural imbalances during her stay in North India. Divya faced challenges and problems but she realized what she needs to do and why she had come so far. Her determination, firmness and perseverance to make a pact with reality and never give up till she achieved her goals made her achieve one of the highest titles in the history of mankind.

There are stories of many firsts—first woman air marshal of the Indian Air Force, first woman engineer to acquire license in an airline, first woman air traffic controller, first woman aviation medicine specialist, the first all-women contingent to march down Raj path on India’s Republic Day two years ago. Their stories will inspire us to the core but behind the inspiration there were tremendous challenges and struggles they had to go through. We have to note the fact that living your dreams is to fulfill your primary tasks which our woman community has exercised it very well in various sectors.

The issue of women empowerment has been prevalent for years now. The universe is trying to find tackle the various issues surrounding women empowerment and the issues surrounding women equality with men. Women empowerment usually refers to an environment where women make decisions based on their preferences for the benefit of them and the society. It also refers to improving the economic, social, legal and political strength of women. The ideal scenario would be where women can claim their rights such as:


  •  Living a life of dignity and respect.
  • To be able to control their life within their home as well as the workplace.
  • To be able to make their own decisions in life.
  • To have equal rights to be able to participate in religious, social and public activities.
  • To have an equal status in society.
  • To have equal rights for economic and social justice.
  • To be able to determine economic and financial choices.
  • To get an equal opportunity for employment and education without any sort of gender bias.
  • To be able to work in a comfortable and safe environment.


“If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.”

     – Margaret Thatcher




Akanksha Rawat

Akanksha works as Manager, Communication with Smile Foundation.

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