What makes employees smile in Smile Foundation?

At Smile Foundation, “Real Work, Real Change” is our ethos. Working on the ground to bring sustainable change is not easy, but in our country where more than half of the population is deprived even of its basic needs, this is where we must start. Before we debate on human rights, we must address urgent human needs. And this is what Smile Foundation has been tirelessly striving to achieve. Through intensive programmes based on education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment, we work towards bringing positive and long lasting change in the lives of children and their families.

People – committed, passionate individuals have always been at the core of all we do. Currently, we have a team of over 400 full-time professionals from diverse backgrounds working across India at our projects and offices. Here are some thoughts and feelings shared by Smile Foundation’s ex-employees:

Smile foundation is not merely an organization where I worked. It has been a place a place to pursue new ideas; conduct healthy debated and do something exciting always. I did the same and got lots of support and appreciation from seniors. It will not be an exaggeration to say that smile foundation changed me 360 degrees as a professional – by giving me space , by building my capacities and providing me with constant guidance. Wherever I have reached today both in my professional and personal spheres, I owe a lot to Smile foundation. I miss the organization and close colleagues, and will always cherish the same forever.”

  • Manish Kumar Singh

Former Assistant Manager, Programme (Health)

My experience with Smile Foundation is extremely enriching. Smile’s open environment offers numerous learning opportunities. An approachable management, dynamic work environment and versatile colleagues make Smile a great place to work. Apart from that it is, it is strongly involved ihn employee engagement, reward and recognition, which motivate people in this organization. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Smile Foundation and I am sure the organization will grow further and achieve greater heights.

  • Kavita Tiwari

Former Manager – Alliances and Institutional Relations

My experience with Smile Foundation has been extremely good. I worked as programme officer under mission education for more than 3 years. It was my first job and gained a lot of experience which was very helpful for my future growth. All the colleagues have been very supportive. It was a great experience and will be of great help to me in my coming years.

  • Pragya Tripathi

Former Officer, Mission Education Programme

My association with Smile foundation has been a remarkable one. The space given to me and the great encouragement provided to me have helped me evolve to the next level with greater confidence and immense capabilities.

  • Sobha Rajan

Former Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships

I started off as a volunteer in Smile foundation in June 2013 and eventually joined them as a full time employee in September 2013. The thing I liked the most working for Smile was the flexibility the management offered to me in terms of Participating in activities and projects of different departments, and also the freedom they gave me to explore ideas of my own. I received support and encouragement from management to implement a volunteer management system, which I thought would make the functioning of the organization more efficient. I believe that Smile is a great place to learn about the social sector and one has the flexibility to contribute a lot to the organization provided they are motivated and willing.

  • Pritika Anand

Former Executive Coordinator, Special Projects


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