Children of Today Plant Trees to Better their Tomorrow

Since the beginning of our existence, humans have been interacting continuously with nature. Like every other living being on our planet, we have evolved under the care of Mother Nature. We are creatures who belong to the natural ecosystem just like all the others. Spending time in nature rather, than man-made environments improves life significantly. We need to educate the future generations to create and maintain a cleaner, greener and better tomorrow. Smile foundation has joined hands with Tropicana and the celebrity chef Vikas Khanna to do exactly this.

The Tropicana Gift A Tree Initiative was launched in the fall of 2017, a time of the year where most of the capital suffers from the effects of the smog and pollution, which envelop it. The poor who cant afford luxuries such as air purifiers and humidifiers suffer more. Were they surrounded by trees, nature’s air purifiers, they wouldn’t even feel the absence of such comforts. Keeping this in mind children from Smile Foundation’s various Mission Education centres participated in Tropicana’s Gift a Tree initiative. Smile Foundation’s Goodwill Ambassador Vikas Khanna planted trees with the children. He also unveiled his new book for children- A Tree Named Ganga.

“For me, trees have always been an inspiration as they teach us to give without expecting anything in return. So, I’m happy to join ‘Tropicana’s Gift A Tree’ initiative that embodies a powerful thought of gifting back to nature. I’m excited to share this experience of planting trees with children from Smile Foundation, who are our future generation. Through the story ‘ A tree named Ganga’, I’ve made an honest effort to help children understand the value of staying humble, and the essence of giving.” Said Vikas Khanna.

Children form Smile Foundation’s Mission Education centre in Delhi planting trees.

Children who have always had access to proper formal education are taught about how planting trees is going to create a better environment for them to live in. From a young age, they know that greenery keeps the air pure and the soil fertile gives fruits and vegetables and adds to the beauty of the land. Underprivileged children on the other hand, are so overwhelmed with the need to meet the basic needs of life, as are their parents, that they cannot learn such valuable knowledge.

Smile has joined hands with Tropicana to now not only educate the children in Mission Education centres in academics, but also have added environmental education to the list of things these children will learn. The children are learning about how they can play a part in fighting pollution by planting trees. They are taken out on excursions where they plant up to 500 trees. Children from other schools around have also joined in the efforts. Smile Foundation, along with Tropicana’s Gift a Tree initiative is encouraging children to become ambassadors of greenery and harbingers of a better lifestyle in the future.


Malika Singh

Intern in the communication team at Smile Foundation, Student:M.A. English at Jesus and Mary College

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