Girl Child Education – A Positive Outbreak

girl child education

In today’s world we have begun to realise that girl child education is essential. Earlier people thought that girl child education was not necessary. This modern age describes the awakening in the female group in many productive ways. They are way ahead compared to men in many spheres of life. The argument on educating a girl child is still prevalent in our society but considering the fact that women are capable of achieving anything nowadays, we can hold back the views of the oppositions. We can see many women leading the economic and social sector way ahead with successful results. Girls are bringing a silent revolution in the society.

Girl child education can play an important role in the development of our society as well as country and also has several other advantages. Girls are serving the country in many fields ranging from sports, science, literature and all kinds of political affairs. The view of seeing girl only as a housewife has changed and now girls are way ahead scoring positive results with the help of education. Women have even gone to the borders of our country to defend our country from the enemies.

girl child education

Education has benefitted our female population even in this modern age of economic crisis. They are independent and also bring income in the household. Even after marriage educated girls are able to add to the family income along with the husband and also if their husband expires she has the capacity to fend herself and not be dependent on others.

A home is peaceful and blessed if a girl child is educated. People have become broad minded about girl child education  currently. Though there are people who still oppose girl child education but we can’t deny the fact that girls are capable of doing big in life. A man himself is happy to have an educated mother, wife or daughter. The future of the country also depends on the upbringing of the children in the right direction and if a mother is educated it adds to the effort of conclusive results.

Education empowers women to have a better outlook on life making her aware of her rights and responsibilities. An educated woman knows when to stand up for her rights and also fight against the problem of gender-inequality. Education also gives a woman freedom of thought and the ability and confidence to express her feelings in the right manner. Every girl has the right to be aware, pursue knowledge and learn. Education of these girls would have positive impact on both economy and society.

girl child education

Education of girls from rural and remote parts of India is equally important. These girls get even lesser opportunities for education due to extremely limited resources and access. However, with both the Government (Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao initiative) and civil society organizations focusing on the education and welfare of girls, the situation is getting better every day.

Smile Foundation keeps girl children and women at the core of all its programmes, be it livelihood, education, healthcare or community engagement. We believe that when women are educated and empowered, the whole society benefits – their children go to school, families are healthier, and communities grow more prosperous. To know about our girl child and women empowerment programme, visit:

Our country’s progress depends on the education of girls. We should all step forward and encourage girl child education. We can make the difference and bring concrete change in the face of our country. All we need is to be united and put an extra effort to ensure that our girl children are educated, aware and empowered.


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