For A Greener and Sustainable Planet – Around Us

The color green has always been associated with plants, shrubs, trees and grasses. But in present times, the green patches are being wiped away to make space for concrete structures/establishments. As a result, denizens are forced to be displaced, loss of livelihood, increasing pollution levels, destruction of natural habitat and many more.  Just last two consecutive years, Delhi faced the problem of smog (crop burning, vehicular pollution, deforestation and others). In order to curb this prevalent problem, governments and civil society actors encouraged people to use carpooling, odd-even strategy, artificial rains and planting trees and the list goes on.

Yes, the environment around is deteriorating gradually and often opens up a Pandora box of negative impacts. If we have to preserve the environment for the generations yet to come, then children can surely be the flag bearers of these important initiatives. This isn’t a time bound project rather follows on the axiom of intent, innovative and inspiration. Therefore, individuals from any walk of life may follow these principles that help in conserving the environment for time immemorial.

  • Conserve Water

Being a responsible citizen of the planet, we can always opt for a three minute shower as compared to prolonged baths. Secondly, those homes that are gifted with kitchen garden should use watering cans to water plants and vegetables as compared to pipes and others. Finally, always wash or clean your vehicles on grass instead of a concrete platform.

  • Plant a Tree

As a parent or a guardian always encourage your children to plant trees around vicinity. It not only uplifts the mood and instills the important quotient of responsibility such as caring and watering the plant on regular basis. We can also move a step ahead by ensuring water conserving plants find place in the kitchen gardens such as beets, lettuce, fennel and others.

  • Recycling-A Sorting Game

One of the major brain building exercise is the sorting of recyclable materials from inorganic products. Some of the interesting exercises are conversion of old plastic bottles into plant holders, leftover food to prepare new dishes and others. The recycling sorting game requires everyone’s participation and contribution to make our planet- a habitable place for generations yet to come.

  • Carpooling and Walking- Mode of Transport

In times when reducing the pollution and saving the environment should be the motto of life. Therefore, opting for carpools and walking to workplace should be a preferable choice. The benefits of this choice are particularly enormous such as saving fuel, saving money and getting a good workout too.

These are some of the principles that can be followed by all of us. It can surely bring forth a positive change in the environment. Why wait for times when pollution levels specifically in the winter continue to haunt us, if adequate steps are taken on suo moto basis, surroundings are bound to change. We already have sowed the seeds of conservation or preservation in us, all we need to do is getting into action.

Plant a small sapling, right away!


Mrittika Nandy

She works as an Executive Co-ordinator at the Smile Foundation,

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