Ensuring a Blissful Childhood

Smile Foundation has joined hands with ‘Bachpan Bachao Andolan’ to support an initiative titled – ‘Release and Assistance of Trafficked Children – Victims of forced Labour’. This innovative project supported by Smile Foundation aims to release children working as bonded labour in various industries of Mumbai city and rehabilitate them into mainstream.

About the partner

In the year 1983, when child labour was not considered to be a serious problem, Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA), initiated its struggle to emancipate millions of girls and boys who were being trafficked as child labour from various states of India and Nepal from the shackles of bondage. At that point, neither the employers nor the government was ready to adhere to the view to end the injustice being done to hapless children. Not to be overawed, BBA took it upon itself to propagate the issue widely at national and international level. The result was that gradually the attention of whole world was drawn towards the issue and today we have special laws to address the problem.

Twenty five years later, BBA has its presence in 14 states and more than 80,000 members across the country working expeditiously for the rights of children working as child labour in agriculture, industries and even homes.

About the project

The project in point would be targeting child labourers residing in slums of Dharavi and Bhiwandi in Mumbai. These children are homeless as they have been trafficked mainly from states of UP and Bihar as labour and lead a life of neglect, torture and slavery. The project would be rescuing at least 500 children working as labour in various industries of Mumbai in the first year. Children would not only be rescued but they would also be repatriated to their respective states and villages and at least 50 of them would be rehabilitated at Bal Ashram – a residential school for such children in Jaipur. The project plans to achieve its objectives through following activities:

(a) Identification and release of a minimum of 500 children working as child labour in Mumbai.
(b) Provision of primary needs like food, shelter, clothes and medical assistance to rescued children.
(c) Repatriation of released children to their native village and unification with their parents.
(d) Follow-up of the repatriated children by the staff of BBA, once in 2 months after repatriation.
(e) Rehabilitation of at least 50 children at Bal Ashram – residential school for rehabilitation of such children at Jaipur.

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