Smile Foundation's unique tele counselling initiative to fight against Covid-19


The whole world is crippled by the ever-growing pandemic, COVID 19. Under these unprecedented circumstances, the worst hit are the marginalized and less privileged sections of our society. The lockdown, closure of borders and public transport, has led to thousands being stranded on the roads and the rest being confined to their homes. Children are being deprived of medical care and are suffering from anxiety due to domestic discord at home or a jobless parent. Their families are unaware of the various government support schemes and shelters, they are also unsure of the precautionary measures, the concept of social distancing and hygiene guidelines. This has led to a state of fear, confusion and depression.

Baaton Baaton Mein Sehat is a unique Tele Counselling initiative that has been conceptualized to address these issues and help millions of children and their families fight against COVID 19.

A phone call can save a life.


A Smile Initiative

Till date this program has already counselled over 40,000 people. We aim to reach over 200,000 children and families across the country.

A 4-Pronged approach for comprehensive on call support

Counselling For Emotional Well being

Emotional distress is a serious outcome of this pandemic and children are affected the most. Our aim is to provide the right guidance and support and create a sense of security by addressing their fears and anxiety.

Medical Assistance Over Call

Since medical help is not easily available, our workers work round the clock to provide medical assistance and the way forward in case of symptoms.

Education On Hygiene And Precautions

A large part of our population is still unaware of the precautionary measures they can take, they don’t know the right way to wash their hands or maintain social distancing. We are educating them about these and also breaking myths and rumours.

Awareness On Government Helplines & Shelters

By connecting over calls regularly, we are ensuring that they are aware of the various govt. initiatives and helplines, this gives them access to food, shelter and medical care being provided by the government.

Baaton Baaton Mein Sehat has already:

Expanded our network to over 80 partners across the country

Onboarded over 40 doctors and 100 para-medicals

300 on ground volunteers

Made over 40,000 calls to create awareness on COVID 19

Let's help India fight this pandemic. Your support can help us reach over 200,000 children and families.