All Women and Rural Development Society

The Founders

Mrs. R. Jothi – the Founder and Secretary, has devoted her whole life from her school days for the cause and concern of the voiceless rural community. She is guiding the youth team with the spirit of equality and justice, empowerment and development. The reason behind starting the organisation was to start up a development initiative.

About the organisation

An equitable and just society, free of the imbalance of haves and have-nots that live in peace and harmony is the vision of All Women and Rural Development Society (AWARDS). It aims to achieve sustainable development of all the capitals – social, human, physical, natural and financial, for sustainable livelihood, by a self-help and self-development process.

Association with Smile Foundation

AWARDS, in association with Smile Foundation, runs Smile Twin –e – Learning Programme. The programme is designed to increase the employability prospects of underprivileged adolescents by equipping them in marketable skills like English and Computer. This helps them get employment in service sectors and particularly retail outlets, BPO’s etc. Besides necessary orientation, the job oriented Smile Twin e-Learning Programme trains these young boys and girls in soft skills, basic management including retail and sales, personality development, career opportunities & counseling, team work and leadership qualities. These students are also sensitised about the gender issues, reproductive and sexual health issues and diseases like HIV/AIDS.

Other activities

AWARDS also runs skill development programmes in education for children, integrated community health and environmental hygiene, sanitation and plantation, primary and higher secondary education, non-formal education and total literacy campaign.

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