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Avery Dennison joined hands with Smile Foundation to support interventions towards empowerment of women & girl children. The overall objective of the project is to address the reproductive and sexual health of adolescent girls and young women and supporting education of meritorious and underprivileged girls through scholarship. The project ensures involvement of male in its activities. The target beneficiaries of the project are married women (18-49 years), adolescent girls (13-19 yrs) and male counter parts. The project has been in operation since 2014 and has benefitted over 87,262 women, adolescent girls and male members of the society.

Community members have been and continue to be sensitized on matters related to reproductive sexual health through BCC activities, celebration of important days and workshops on health by health experts.

Avery Dennison is a recognized industry leader that develops innovative identification and decorative solutions for businesses and consumers worldwide.


"I don't feel I am any less than others and the Swabhiman scholarship has not only empowered me but has also given me more courage. One day, Rajni didi from Smile came and started asking me about school. When she realized that I had been sitting at home for two years, she talked to my parents and convinced them to continue my education."
Convinced by a team of volunteers from Swabhiman programme to send her to a school Nidhi's parents are now extremely proud of their daughter's achievements. Her physical constrains have never deterred her from performing outstandingly well in academics. Hailing from a family of seven members, her parents never wanted to invest in educating her because of the financial difficulties at home, but her strong determination and the support of the Swabhiman scholarship changed the entire story. She says that History is her favorite subject and she wants to become a teacher of the subject when she finishes her studies.


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