Empowering the girls and women in the slums of Delhi

West Delhi is a host to number of slums. With people pouring in from neighboring states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, etc in search of job the conditions of these places are becoming worse day by day. The problem of gender discrimination also arises in these places and girls are seldom allowed to venture out of their homes and hence most of the times remain uneducated and unskilled. They are married off at a young age and in the end have to work as daily laborers or maintain the household or get involved in tailoring jobs. There is much exploitation of the girls and their capabilities.

The aim of this project is to empower the women and the youth by providing them with guidance in the form of training in basic management and retail skills, computer education, personality development skills, spoken English training, other soft skills and telecom training. The program also imparts education relevant to increased production and productivity, economic development and individual prosperity and to enhance the skill levels of youth for employment in the ICT and BPO industry.

Smile Foundation has partnered with ALAMB for the implementation of this STeP project.

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