Action for Children

Action for Children (AFC) is a global programme focusing on initiatives aimed at improving the welfare of children by scaling up the brand and fundraising of grassroots organisations. The programme was initiated in 2008 by Together4Change alliance, a consortium of four international organisations - Wilde Ganzen (Wild Geese), Wereldkinderen (NICWO), SOS kinderdorpen (SOS Children's Villages) and Investing in Children and their Societies (ICS) -supported by Dutch government.

Together4Change alliance is based on the concept of Civic Driven Change and gives the highest priority to change being achieved by people and society themselves. For its programme, Action for Children, organisations with a similar ideology were selected from five developing economies, namely India, Brazil, South Africa, Ghana and Kenya. Smile Foundation is the implementing partner for the programme in India.

Action for Children, being carried out by Wilde Ganzen, is based on the belief that the responsibility of social development lies not only with the government, but also requires equal participation from the privileged masses.

Smile Foundation implemented the first phase of the programme (MFS I) between 2008 and 2011. The programme is now in its second phase (MFS II) and extends till 2015.


Local Action for Fundraising

Grassroots NGOs in India have been doing remarkable work in various fields of social development. Unfortunately, many of these initiatives are unable to sustain themselves due to lack of resources. Smile Foundation extends support to its partner NGOs by helping them undertake "local actions" or fundraising activities involving the civil society for generating resources to enhance their impact. Since 2010, as many as 200 local actions have been conducted by partner NGOs of Smile Foundation.

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Sensitisation and Brand Building

Modern democracies rest on three pillarsL: the government, business sector, and civil society. To tackle systemic challenges like poverty, hunger, discrimination, it is important that the whole system functions efficiently. And that is only possible when the three pillars work inter-connectedly. The civil society - comprising people from all walks of life - need to be involved in the act of nation-building. To sensitise the civil society and corporate world of the existing disparities in our society and engage them as change agents, Smile Foundation periodically organises or participates in mass media events, public campaigns and celebrity engagements.

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Fundraising among Corporate and Individuals

Tie ups are carried out with leading corporate clients for various fundraising events towards monetary support for various programmes. On the other hand, Smile Foundation also reaches out to their employees to actively volunteer in innovative activities. Towards the second phase of the AFC programme, focus has also been made on cultivating individual partnerships for fundraising activities.

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Training and Capacity Building

Training and capacity building programmes are held periodically for partner NGOs as well as the staff of Smile Foundation to develop their skill sets and keep them abreast of latest management methodologies and policies in the development sector. Apart from organising external trainings under experts, the programme staff of Smile Foundation visits the project partners and communities throughout the year, motivating and assisting them in conducting local actions.

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