Training and Capacity Building

Grassroots NGOs in India have been doing remarkable work in various fields of social development. Unfortunately, many of these initiatives are unable to sustain themselves due to lack of resources. Smile Foundation extends support to its partner NGOs by helping them undertake “local actions” or fundraising activities involving the civil society for generating resources to enhance their impact. Since 2010, as many as 200 local actions have been conducted by partner NGOs of Smile Foundation.


In the first phase of AFC, several capacity-building workshops were conducted on varied themes like communication and technology, fundraising, and leadership and team building.


Numerous in-house as well as external capacity building programmes have taken place in the second phase.


In 2011, workshops on ‘Enriching Partnerships’ were conducted for partners from East and South India, on fundraising, 5-C Model, communication and brand building.


Six in-house trainings were conducted for the staff of Smile Foundation towards capacity building on fundraising and advocacy in 2011. For example, IRMA (Anand), Click Asia Summit (Mumbai), ABC Leadership and Fore School (Delhi).


A three-day National Conference was organised in June 2012 for the Smile staff from all over India The discussions at the conference revolved around leadership, programme management, governance, resource allocation, media advocacy and sensitisation tools.


A two-member team from Smile Foundation visited the Soul City Institute, South Africa for an exchange programme in May 2012 and got exposure to communication, development and media management strategies of the institute.

In April and July 2013, three-day capacity building workshop, Empowering Grassroots, was organised where eminent speakers provided their insight into leadership, management, organisational and brand-building skills. The April workshop was attended by Smile Foundation’s partner NGOs from the northern region, along with its programme staff. The July workshop covered the local partner NGOs of Wilde Ganzen along with Smile Foundation partners from different parts of the country.


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