Transforming the unemployed of Charu Chandra Place East into assets

With the aim to empower the unemployed and underemployed youth in Kolkata, this project provides skill-based training to its candidates that enhances their job prospects in retail, hospitality and BPO sectors. The course module of this training covers areas including English proficiency, computer, personality development and soft skills. Exposure visits and employer engagement programmes are conducted during the course to give beneficiaries a hands-on experience of the industry and help them prepare for the placement process that marks the end of the course.

Most slums in Kolkata constitute a population of migrants from within the state as well as other parts of the country, with over 40% of them being slum dwellers for two generations or longer. One such locality in the state capital is Charu Chandra Place East that has majority of its slum population engaged in informal sector for survival. Due to limited skill set and lack of education, youth residing in this area accept all kinds of petty jobs like working in shops, as hawkers, construction and daily laborers, auto drivers, rickshaw-pullers and others. Through this project, the youth of Charu Chandra Place East will get a chance to rise from their exploitative conditions and build a better future for themselves, their families and children.

Smile Foundation has partnered with All Children Together Trust to implement the STeP project.

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