Young Men’s Christian Association

Young Men’s Christian Association

The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) is among the oldest and largest non-profit organisations in India. It is a community based organisation that works collaboratively with Government and Non Government Organisations, and partners to provide a range of programmes and services to build strong people, strong families and strong communities.

YMCA is a worldwide voluntary movement for women and men with special emphasis on youth. It seeks to build a community of justice with love, peace and reconciliation. It adopts a holistic approach of developing young minds.


YMCA Nagpur joined hands with Smile Foundation in 2007 for the implementation of Smile Twin e-Learning Programme for youth. The Twin e-learning course offers youth a new door of opportunity and through the YMCA Nagpur centre, 90 students have already benefited from Smile Twin e-learning Programme. The students have been placed in Café Coffee Day and retail stores of leading brands.

Case studies

Usha Gaikwad, a young girl from a poor family background wanted to work and earn a living and support her mother who works as a domestic help. The Smile Twin e-Learning Programme provided her with the essential knowledge, information and training that helped her get a job. She now confidently says”I am from a poor family. My Mother works in different homes.The Twin E-learning course gave me knowledge, information and Training .I want to do a good job and this course has helped me”

Sushma Somlawar never imagined that she would be able to get a good job and become self dependent. But the job oriented course by Smile Foundation helped her improve her communication and computer skills. Now she is encouraging and helping other adolescents become self-reliant. Sushma Somlawar beaming with freshness says:” English and Computer teaching were of a high level and the most important thing about the course is that has changed my own life very powerfully and built up my confidence”I am also sure that just as this course was supported by helpful sponsors,I too in future will help other students to stand on their own feet”

The Smile Twin-e-Learning Programme changed Sapna Ingle’s life. He is now a confident young man earning a living not only for himself but also for his family Sapna Ingle also writes about her experience in the following words: “The best thing is when after the first fifteen days ,the Teacher taught us about Computer Hardware, I was able to solve a Hardware problem.Smile Twin-e-learning course changed my life. Now I am confident in my work and decisions. I can manage my time. With my job I will help my Father and family with money.

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