Partner Organisation- VISWA YUVA KENDRA

Location- Orissa

Year of Association- 2007

No. of students traineds-114

Major Employers- Zero Error Consultancy, G.I.B Company, DEO in Data Processing, Tata Indicom, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, PULS (Financial Investment Company), Neelachal Gram Bank, NGOs, Reliance Money etc.

Viswa Yuva Kendra (VYK) was established on August 15, 1986 in Angul, Orissa by local youth for the welfare of the villagers. Gradually, the youth took up the task of sustainable development of the community and especially the underprivileged women and youth. Conservation of forest, health, child rights, education and women empowerment are the other issues they work on.

VYK has full time professionals and qualified staff, better infrastructure and extensive networking with international and regional agencies and various national and state level NGOs. It has established its credibility and rapport in the community as a pioneer organisation committed to work for the health, education, women empowerment and natural resource management. The organisation gets involved with the CBOs, village committees, women self help groups and Panchayati Raj institutions in planning, implementation and monitoring of the programmes.

The organisation strives to strengthen the community based organisations and people’s institutions on issues related to education, health, women and children for sustainable development.

Smile and VYK

In the year 2007, Viswa Yuva Kendra (VYK) partnered with Smile Foundation for the youth employment programme- Smile Twin e-learning Programme. In only one and a half years time, 114 pass outs have been employed. The success of these students is drawing others into the Smile Twin e-Learning Programme.


Vishwa Yuva Kendra (VYK) was founded by Mr. Manoj K. Mohapatra, with a like minded group of youths in 1986 like Mr. Basant K. Pradhan, Mr. Rajamikanta Dehury, Mr. Hara Mohan Mohapatra, mr. loknath Sahoo and Mr. Mohan Charan Sahoo who are also closely assosiated with the organisation for the implementation of the programmes.

Success stories

Akshay Kumar Dehury (25), a young and energetic graduate of Angul was looking for a job. But his inability to communicate in English made his job search difficult. He enrolled in the Smile Foundation’s Twin e-Learning Programme, which he could easily afford. Soon after completion of the course he got a placement. Now he is successfully working as an office-in-charge in a consultancy firm ‘Zero Error Consultancy’ at Angul and earning Rs. 3,500 per month.

Ms. Sarita Nanda (24) of Angul had completed her MSc. and yet could not find an employment. She enrolled in the six month Twin e-Learning course and on completion got a placement as an Assistant Manager in ICICI, Rourkela Branch. She has a monthly income of Rs. 14,000.

Ms. Sangita Thapa (23) is a young girl of Sambalpur who enrolled in STeP after completion of her matriculation. Today, she is posted in Viswa Yuva Kendra head quarters as a Trainer for the child care programme.

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