Wining Heart of Nine Year Old Renu

Life for Rajesh Kumar a poor auto rickshaw driver from Basti, Dist. Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh changed from bad to worse nine years back after the birth of his daughter Renu.

Renu suffered from a rare congenital heart disease that required immediate surgery without which a patient cannot survive for more than 10 to 12 years.

Rajesh barely earned Rs 75/- to Rs 100/- per day which is just not enough to sustain a family of five. For the past nine years while his daughter continues to suffer physically, he and his wife are undergoing an emotional turmoil. Over the last one year their turmoil has increased further as they know that if they do not take any suitable steps they might loose their daughter.

In words of Rajesh, “India TV reporter Jaya introduced me to Smile Foundation. It is a God sent opportunity to save my daughter’s life.”

Smile Foundation under its Individual Support Programme (ISP) aims to help deserving and needy children in difficult circumstances. Under this, Smile Foundation extended financial support to Rajesh to meet the cost of surgery.

The surgery was successfully completed at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi in May 2008.

Smile Foundation appreciates the roles of media as a change maker. It is thankful to India TV for playing a proactive role in bringing the needy and the supporter together.

Although by supporting a single kid we may not have done a big thing. But, hopefully, such act may sensitize people to do their mite as and when such opportunity of helping the needy arises, anywhere.

Smile Foundation also arranged for the stay of Rajesh and his wife in Delhi when they visited Delhi to get their daughter operated.
When asked about her ambitions, nine year old Renu promptly replied, “I want to become a doctor. I would treat poor children suffering from heart diseases without charging any fees from them.”
Smile Foundation wishes her good wish to accomplish her ambition.

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