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Making a Difference

Indeela, a 35 year old innocent resident of New Ashok Nagar is suffering due to the fallacies of her husband. Late Shankar, Indeela’s husband was a truck driver and died due to HIV/AIDS infection two years back. But his death brought more than misfortune for Indeela as she got affected with HIV/AIDS too. Swabhiman Educators immediately got in touch with NACO and referred her to ART Centre of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital under Emergency Referral Services provisioned in Swabhiman Programme. To add to the agony, it was discovered that her youngest daughter, 8 years old, too is suffering from HIV/AIDS. Now, with support of Swabhiman Educators and Heath Volunteers, she is being properly counseled and getting treated at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. Because, she is uneducated and has no source of income after her husband’s death, she required both financial and social support. Smile Foundation has been duly providing the support to her.

Geeta, 17 years old, lives in Nut Colony in Delhi and is a student of the 11th class. She is academically very bright and has been given a scholarship for her excellent performance. She has also been a regular participant in the Swabhiman trainings, workshops and meetings. But, suddenly her mother came to the community workers of Swabhiman for help and reported that Geeta was vomiting blood. They directed her to take Geeta to the nearby T.B. clinic. The thought of her daughter suffering from tuberculosis scared Geeta’s mother. The community workers however convinced her that T.B. is curable and assured her that her daughter will be alright. Geeta went for a check – up along with her mother and was diagnosed with an early stage of T.B. Her treatment was started immediately and now she regularly goes to DOTS centre and she is getting better by every day. The community workers are regularly following – up on her status and ensuring her good health.


World Population day

Smile Foundation celebrated World Population Day emphasizing its call on “Beti Bhi Apni Hai” once again, at Shipra Mall in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. “Beti Bhi Apni Hai” is the flagship movement of Swabhiman – the woman and girl child empowerment programme of Smile Foundation. In tandem with this year’s UN theme of “the importance of data collection” Smile Foundation conducted a live opinion poll and survey. This poll was conducted with over 200 people filing their opinion on “the early marriage of girls”. This opinion poll will now be formatted into an analysis study and the report will be further used as a source for the girl child empowerment programme. In addition a street play was performed by a group of boys and girls on the theme of “early marriage of girls and its consequences”. The street play got an overwhelming response from the mall visitors. The celebration was closed with people signing a mass pledge for the empowerment of women and girls.

Advocacy Campaign
with EMPI Business School

Smile Foundation joined hands with EMPI Business School for advocacy and fund raising intervention for the Swabhiman programme. There were various activities which were undertaken for this project. To start with, the EMPI students were oriented about the programme. These students in turn conducted an orientation session on “Leadership and Motivational Skills” for the Swabhiman Community Educators. An organizing committee was set up under the guidance of Dr. Sneha Saxena – Associate Professor, EMPI and Priyanka Jain Vats – Asst. Manager Programmes, Smile Foundation. This committee was set up mainly to organize events and raising funds, which would further be used to support underprivileged women and adolescent girls. Among other activities were the screening of short films and documentaries of Smile Foundation, a mime show on the “Safety of Girls” and a pledge for “empowerment of the girl child” by all the students present. Dr. Ira Dashrajguru – HR Specialist and Mr. Sabu George – Social Activist were special guests for the occasion and shared with all, some significant information and enriching views regarding atrocities on women like female foetecide.

Partner with IIT New
Delhi at Speranza 2010

Smile Foundation partnered with IIT New Delhi for their Annual Fest Speranza 2010. Events based on themes such as drug de- addiction and sex education were conducted for two days. Dr. Aruna Mukim – Member Film Censor Board and Ms. Reeta Dutta – Chief Public Prosecutor, Tees Hazari Court were invited as special guests for the event. Smile Foundation had invited the Mahak Group to guide its community workers and educators perform a mime show on the chosen theme. A special counseling session on drug de-addiction and sex – education was also conducted by Dr. Aruna Mukim and Ms. Reeta Dutta attended that was attended by more than 400 IIT students. The two day event also included a special screening of the film “JUNO” and an informative yet entertaining street play on the themes of drug addiction and importance of sex education. The event marked the beginning of Smile’s relationship with IIT relationship and served as an innovative intervention to sensitize privileged youth.