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Success Stories

Kundan Kumar, 10 year old, belongs to the Musahar (rat eating) tribe – the most deprived and exploited among the poor in Bihar. He lives with his parents in the slums skirting Patna. Both his parents work as casual labour and barely manage to earn a living for the family. To add to the miseries the father is addicted to alcohol which takes away a significant portion of the earnings.

The Musahar tribe is the darkest spot in Bihar’s literacy dive with a literacy rate of hardly 3%. Soshit Seva Sangh – one of Smile’s partners run a free residential English medium school for this tribe. Kundan is one of the students of this school. He is in class III now and is one of the brightest not only among his batchmates but also in the entire school. He had passed class I with 93% marks and class II with 94% marks. His excellence has not only added to our success stories but has also given his life a completely new dimension.

Gautam, 12 years old, lives in Delhi with his parents. His parents had relocated to Delhi from Bihar for livelihood. Till sometime back, Gautam had a very tense environment at home, because he used to witness his father physically torturing his mother every day. This was when one of the partners of Smile Foundation, Aarohan, started tutoring Gautam and enrolled him in a school in Savitri Nagar, New Delhi. Aarohan also provided the family with amenities with which they could start a new business. They also gave extensive counseling to Vinay, Gautam’s father, to put a stop to the domestic violence to avoid having unhealthy repercussions on their son.

Today, Gautam is a confident young boy, and participates in various co-curricular activities. He is specially very good at reciting poetry and has been winning consecutively for 3 years at a YMCA NGO carnival. Smile Foundation remains motivated towards achieving its mission of education maximum number of children because of such success stories.


Kolkata centre raises
funds through theatre

Institute for Psychological Educational Research (IPER) – one of the Mission Education centres in Kolkata, raised resources for the programme with the help of a play “Kaancher Manush”. This was a social drama which showcased the social discriminations based on caste system and the patience and determination of a man to overcome his disabilities. The play was performed by a professional theatre group and was highly praised by the spectators. A group of children from Smile Foundation also performed at the show.

Volunteering activity
with Corporate Partners

Two employee engagement activities were conducted in the New Delhi centres of Mission Education. Employees from two corporates got involved with children from the centres in competitions for drawing, music, dance, lemon race and antakshari. The activities went on for the whole day and the children as well as the employees enjoyed themselves thoroughly. This engagement activity with these small children gave the employees a great exposure to how the underprivileged children are fighting against odds, are studying and going to school with the dream to shape better futures for themselves. The employees were very impressed with the talent of the children and how much better they could get with just a little encouragement and support. All the employees gave the feedback of having a very relaxing time with the children and have agreed to get back to a similar activity and fun filled day very soon.

International Literacy
Day celebration

Smile Foundation celebrated International Literacy Day this year with 100 students from its Mission Education centres in Kolkata interacting with 200 students of the respected South City International School at the school’s auditorium. Ms. Sanchita Bhattacharya, winner of the year’s SaReGaMaPa Li’l Champs was invited as the chief guest for this event, where she interacted with all the children and also sung a few songs for them. All the students, both from Smile and South City, were explained the importance of the day. The children were also explained that as a developing nation we have monumental obstacles to overcome in terms of both cultivating the need of education and making it available to everyone. The Principal of South City International School informed the students of the work that Smile Foundation does for underprivileged children and praised its welfare initiatives. All the children put up a fabulous show of dance and drama. Sanchita Bhattacharya also enjoyed being at the event and appealed to everyone to do their bit for the marginalized children.