Ageless Passion: Masterji
Master Bhagwat Prasad of Tagore School Alwar Rajasthan

Mr. Bhagwat Prasad Sharma has been a teacher par excellence and winner of several state and national awards for his outstanding contribution as a teacher. He, a highly respected Principal of a government school in Rajasthan, had all the reasons to retire from the service as a contended man and lead a relaxed and contented life thereafter. But, that was not to be.

Declining commitment of teachers to the profession, leading to a fall in the quality of education and consequent decadence in the value system among the students resulting in the breaking of bond between the teachers and students had left Mr. Sharma anguished and restless.

Not the one to accept the wrongs happening around him, Mr. Sharma fondly referred to as ‘Masterji’ by his students, decided to start a model school in 1989 based on the philosophy and ideology of renowned educationist Shri Rabindra Nath Tagore at his native village Jodia in Alwar district of Rajasthan. Masterji aptly named the school as Tagore Model School under the auspices of Tagore Shikshan Sansthan, the organisation he subsequently got registered as a non profit voluntary organisation.

Masterji after having led a respectable and cushy life of a school principal could have easily chosen a life of comfort free from stress. He could have easily opted for lazy morning hours spent on browsing through newspapers and spiritual books followed by an elaborate lunch and an afternoon siesta, a stimulating evening tea and a long stroll in the country side routinely. But the patriot and teacher in Masterji could not accept the moral decline affecting the society around him. Throwing caution to the winds with respect to his increasing age and diminishing health, Masterji chose to spend his mornings and afternoons with the children of his native village in Tagore Model School and reinforce in them the values which were fast diminishing from the society besides of course strengthening their knowledge of basic languages, mathematics, social and general science.   

With in a year of its launch, because of the untiring efforts of Masterji, the school got recognized by the Department of Education, Govt. of Rajasthan. Regular examinations are conducted in the school ever since then and the result sheets forwarded to the Inspector of Schools.

The indomitable spirit and timeless passion and commitment of Masterji have ensured a smooth and steady growth for Tagore Shikshan Sansthan.

Masterji’s efforts got a major impetus in 2003, when Smile Foundation tied up with Tagore Shikshan Sansthan to support its initiative titled, ‘Remedial Education Project’.

Under the initiative, poor and weak students of Jodia and nearby villages studying in government schools are provided special coaching in their curriculum and environmental science after the school hours. Besides the regular curriculum a special emphasis is also laid on imparting education on moral science and practical life skills with the sole objective of providing holistic and value based education to children.

Master Bhagwat Prasad taking teacher award from President of India
The then President of India, R. Venkataraman, felicitating ‘Masterji’ with National Award on Teachers’ Day in New Delhi

Tagore Model School under the auspices of Tagore Shikshan Sansthan, has come a long way since its inception. Starting with a handful of children and a lone teacher in Masterji, the school has now become a household name in the locality with majority of parents preferring to send their children to Masterji’s school. The school now has a faculty to assist Masterji in his endeavour. Well into the late seventy’s now, Masterji’s crusade for making a difference in the society through the medium of education is continuing relentlessly.

Smile Foundation salutes the commitment of Masterji. A true example of how spirit and passion can transcend the physical limitations of time and age.