• Dalai Lama discusses education, universal responsibility at 'The World of Children' event in Delhi

( November 19, 2017 )

Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama attended the Smile Foundation's initiative, 'The World of Children' in New Delhi on Sunday. Dalai Lama poses for a group photo with school students during the event. PTI

The initiative enables children to discuss their issues with each other and also with youth icons and inspirational leaders. Dalai Lama, who has lived in India in self-imposed exile since 1959, was chosen to inaugurate this event, where he spoke on 'Universal Responsibility and Compassion'. dalailama.com

At the event, the Dalai Lama said that India and China have "great potential" and they could work together at a "practical level". "Imagine two billion people working together," he emphasised in an interaction with the press, adding that neither country had the "ability to destroy the other". PTI

Underlining the spiritual connection between China and India, he said Chinese Buddhist Hsuan Tsang visited Nalanda and brought Nalanda Buddhist traditions to China. These traditions turned Tibetans, who were warriors, into a compassionate and non-violent nation, he said. He joked that if Tibet still remained in its previous way of life, like Mongols, the Chinese invasion may not have taken place. PTI

Dalai Lama also said the modern education system is oriented to material values. He proposed that India could take the lead in improving the education system by combining modern education with ancient knowledge. PTI

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