Malankara Boy’s Home

The Founders

Malankara Boy’s Home is a venture of the Malankara Archdiocese of Trivandrum started in 1996 by Fr. Jose Kizhakkedath with the support of Late Rev. Cyril Mar Baselious, Major Arch Bishop of Malankara Catholic Church, Fr. Mathew Kadakampally and Fr. John Kochutundil.

About the organisation

Malankara Boy’s Home is a residential institution providing a homely atmosphere to Dalits, tribals and both rural-urban poor living in Trivandrum. It provides educational and financial support to the children and adults of backward and deprived communities. Malankara also conducts monthly seminars, counseling and thought provoking classes for the students and youth.

The vision is to acquaint the underprivileged and deprived children through general and technical education and help them lead a life with confidence. The mission of the organisation is to revitalise the underprivileged through a process of systematic learning.

The centre imparts non-formal education to the needy. The need for education, food and shelter of twenty underprivileged children is taken care of. Life skill training in the form of handicraft, small-scale business units and personality development classes are also organised. Besides organising medical camps, the Malankara Boy’s Home has 100 women Self Help Groups, organises income generation programmes and provides micro-credit facility.

Smile Foundation’s partnership with Malankara

Malankara and Smile Foundation have joined hands under the Smile Twin e-Learning Programme for providing employment based training to the underprivileged youth of Trivandrum district. Under this programme, youth are trained on basic communications skills and computers to help them find an employment in the private sector. On completion of the six months Smile Twin e-Leraning Programme course, students have got placements in the call centres of Techno Park Trivandrum & Cochin, NGOs of Kerala, educational institutions etc.

Success stories

Suchitra S. K. works in a call centre at RevenueMed, Pamba in Technopark. Suchitra joined Smile Twin e-Learning Programme in April 2009 and got a placement immediately on completion of the course. The academic environment helped her explore her hidden abilities.

Aswathy is a simple girl from a poor background who wanted to become a teacher. She lacked presentation skills and had no idea about innovative style of teaching. The STeP course made Aswathy an expert in making presentations and taking classes with confidence. She is now placed in S. N Public School.

Greeshma, a teacher at K. J. Public School, Kabaradi Nagar, Trivandrum is a very caring and intelligent young woman from the underprivileged background. She lacked knowledge about computers which made her feel inferior and less confident. But she was unable to afford any computer course. The Smile Twin e-Learning Programme was affordable. In only six months time, the course transformed her personality.

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