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The growth of the non-profit sector in India, in the last two decades, has been phenomenal. Grassroots NGOs particularly, by engaging directly with the people, are able to participate in the thought-making process of the communities they work with, and thus have the capacity to bring about long-lasting positive change.

Realizing this potential, many genuine organizations have been playing a crucial role in the social and economic growth of the nation, also empowering the bottom of the social and economic pyramid.

But their good intentions and hard work are often hindered by various challenges – from unprepared leadership to organizational anomalies, from inadequate resources to an inability to communicate effectively with their target audience.

There is a crucial need for a dedicated and effective endeavor that is focused on enabling, training and handholding small, genuine NGOs to maximize their efforts on the ground.

Change the Game aims at strengthening the capacity of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) to raise funds and other kinds of support. In a middle income country such as India it wants to enable the organizations at the grassroots to take up the responsibility to strengthen their capacity to raise funds, mobilize support locally and motivate the workers and the community to work for a greater good.

Grassroots NGOs in India

India has over 31 lac registered NGOs currently, which means one NGO functions for 400 people at both urban and rural areas focusing on various issues such as health, nutrition, environment, housing, orphan children, water conservation, empowerment, violence, youth employment etc.

These grassroots NGOs touch the daily lives of the marginalized communities across the country, participating in the thought making process they work with to bring about a long term change. But accelerated development reaches a stagnant point if it is not sustainable. Ensuring sustainability of initiatives requires a reorientation of the NGOs focusing on capacity building to attain competitiveness.

Hence, there is a crucial need to hand hold, train and enable the small NGOs at various levels and rethink and reform their programme designs, planning, fund management and mobilization and effective programme delivery to function at their best and deliver favorable output. If provided with the appropriate skills and resources these grassroots NGOs can trigger sustainable development at the grassroots, bring about massive change in the lives of thousands of people and help the society grow in more ways than one.

How It Will Help You

Under the Empowering Grassroots initiative of the concept of Change the Game, CBOs and NGOs are trained on vital issues relevant to the development sector in the country like sustainability, scaleability, communication, resource mobilization and governance by industry experts from reputed Indian and international organizations. It is an effort to strengthen the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid in India, but also an attempt to bring transparency and accountability in the workings of the development sector at the grassroots level.


Scale up on-ground projects qualitatively as well as quantitatively and reach out to a larger number of people with better services.


Bring stability in ground operations, engage and encourage the community for active participation and eventually achieve self sustainability.

Resource Mobilization

Develop a steady resource pool for day to day implementation of welfare projects and look for alternate sources beginning from local community to leading corporate.


Imbibe a deep sense of accountability, leading to proper fund utilization and complete transparency in all internal processes and systems.


Communicate goals, vision, work and impact effectively to community stakeholders, local authorities and prospective resource pool.

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