Aroh Foundation

The Founders

AROH, a short and sweet abbreviation for ‘a ray of hope’, was started 8 years ago, literally as a ray of hope. A ray of hope for the underprivileged women who have been deprived and oppressed, to empower them to face the challenges in life, a ray of hope for the children who need care and facilities to grow up and become the nation’s pride, a ray of hope for the poorest of the poor to enable them to live with dignity, a ray of hope for the physically challenged, HIV+, cured leprosy patients, etc, who may need livelihood support, economic support or just a caring word.

About Aroh Foundation

AROH Foundation is a non-profit, voluntary organisation registered under Section 2 of the Society Registration Act, 1860. It was founded by like minded qualified professionals to work for socio-economic and cultural and educational upliftment of the society and its people especially women and children.The Foundation has been actively involved in various social concerns and is assisting in several development programmes of the government of India. It has worked extensively in the field of education and handled many turnkey projects for various departments of the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Programmes at Aroh Foundation

• Empowerment of urban and rural poor, especially women and children.

• Assist, organise and undertake programmes aimed towards economic development of the women thereby improving their quality of life.

• Provide financial and technical assistant to women to start new enterprises by forming co-operatives/self-help groups for their benefit.

• Undertake activities to promote literacy in women and children.

• Undertake activities to promote educational, social and cultural interest in children, women and youth.

• Provide scholarships/financial aid to needy meritorious students.

• Create awareness among the people on social issues through cultural activities and stage shows.

• Undertake the publication of printed and audio-video materials for children and social welfare activities.

• Provide a basic forum for research and development activities on ecological and environmental issues, rural and urban development, health and family welfare, education and on other social and cultural issues.

• Render counselling services on health, education, social and economic justice and provide legal assistance to poor and needy persons.

• Arrange seminars and conferences on social and current issues.

• Start vocational and skill development training centres for women and youth particularly of deprived section.

• To collaborate with other like minded organisations and institutions.

• Undertake any other activities which would be necessary for achieving the aims and objectives of the organisation.

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