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(September 05, 2003)


Times of India

(Noida Plus)
Friday September 5, 2003

SMILE foundation recently organised a one-day workshop for 35 school teachers of several NGOs like Prayatn, Vidya, Sankalp, Nai Disha, Navjyoti Development Society, Nav Srishti, SMK Trust, Anurag Society, Adhaar, Ambedkar School, Sai Kripa and Sahyogita. The workshop was the third of a series being organised by the Foundation as part of their endeavor to improve the quality of education imparted through non-formal education centres. The earlier workshops focused on child centered education, gender issues, story telling as an effective teaching medium, innovative teaching methodology, teaching aids for Math and English.

The workshop focused on improving the classroom interaction between students and teachers. Explained Anupama Puri, executive coordinator, SMILE, “The atmosphere a teacher creates in his/her classroom has a drastic effect on whether or not students will be receptive. When students know that teachers care for them and believe in them, the response is much better than when they do not receive positive affirmations.” The workshop was anchored by Jaya Mishra, an HRD professinal, along with Priyanka Jain.