Womens development is happening in India, but in pockets

(March , 2006)


New Delhi, March 26

Smile Foundation and British Council (Springboard Programme) concluded their first series of capacity-building workshops for career women under their Women’s Development Programme.

At the fourth and the final workshop in the series here recently, Ms. Santosh Yadav, who hold the record for climbing the Mt. Everest twice, was the guest.

Prof. Monica Das, University of Delhi, author and exponent of gender issue and Dr Bhavna Barmi, chief psychologist, Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre and onsultant, Dharamshila Cancer Institute, also participated in the different sessions.

The programme, which has won the prestigious UK ‘National Training Award’, is aimed at teaching ‘how to take control of life’, both professional and personal.

The other important focus areas include confidence building, conflict resolution, self-awareness, motivation, balancing home and work, managing one’s image, cultivating assertiveness and setting goals.

“I feel surprised when I look back and realise that I successfully scaled Mount Everest twice,” admitted Ms Yadav.

Addressing the participants, she said, “I saw snow for the first time only in 1986 but conquered the highest and toughest peak twice in 1993 and 1994. If you feel you can do it, the way to the top is not impossible”.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Das said, “Women’s development in India is happening, but in pockets. With almost half of India’s population, half of our society needs to be empowered”.