Brave Anju: Carving a niche with her ‘New Hand’

(January 15, 2007)



BRAVE ANJU: Carving a niche with her ‘New Hand’

It was an ill fated day for Anju when four offenders tried to sexually assault her. In a bid to break free and save her, Anju paid with her right hand chopped off by one of the offenders chasing her in frustration.


The incident took place in February 2006 last year when she was a 16 years old girl born to poor parents in Achalda village in Auraiya district, 250 km from Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. On hearing the news, Smile Foundation responded quickly and shifted her to Delhi where she was given proper treatment and psychosocial support.


The Communications officer in Smile says that Anju is happy with her new found life and she is bravely facing situations now. She is able to shake hands and pick articles such as a suitcase with her computerized enabled hand and is getting used to it. The brave girl is has been provided with education and is has also passed her primary exams in textile painting.

She is now, according to Smile Programme Coordinator Kiran Arora living her life with dignity and is brave enough to face the world. She wants to fly and Smile Foundation has taken the responsibility to give wings to her dreams.